Anne Gifford

Broker, Realtor

The Congdon family has been a part of Nantucket for a long time. Anne's Great Grandmother, Anne Congdon, was a well-renowned painter here in the mid to late 1800’s. Her grandfather Charles Congdon started Congdon & Coleman Insurance in 1931. Anne was born and raised on island as well and, after brief stint away, returned in 1993, eventually joining the team at her family company, Congdon & Coleman, where she has worked for over 23 years.

Anne loved everything about growing up here, including the fact that you need to come and go by boat. She believes this effort made it special to be from here. Anne’s hobbies include tennis, paddle tennis, skiing and travel. She served on the board of the Small Friends Association for approximately 5 years, ran the children’s program at the Nantucket Yacht Club for 4 years and is a supporter of the Nantucket Boys and Girls Club as well as Pascon, Nantucket’s hospice service.

Anne is happy anytime she is on a beach, or in a boat. Anne has a Psychology/Sociology major from Connecticut College. Coupling that along with her love of the island, her being a local, and her 30 years in the multiple service industries makes Anne an excellent agent. She is a great listener and loves meeting and getting to know clients.