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Since 1931, Congdon & Coleman has help Nantucket homeowners like you achieve their rental and sales goals. Today, our experienced team of full-time brokers continues that proud tradition of delivering memorable vacations to renters and stress-free income to our homeowner clients.

Are you looking for a higher level of service from your vacation rental broker?

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Here's what Congdon & Coleman can do for you:

Professional Listings

Put our team of seasoned real estate professionals to work preparing your vacation rental listing. Beginning with an inventory of your home, to writing captivating property descriptions and including high-resolution photography, Congdon & Coleman will show your home in its best light.

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High Traffic Website

Congdon & Coleman's robust vacation rental marketing begins with our custom website which consistently ranks among the most visited local real estate and rental websites. Leading-edge marketing techniques draw more visitors month after month and our advanced search tools and intuitive user interface keep them coming back. In the first half of 2018, visits to are up more than 240% over the same period in 2017!

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Vetting of Prospective Tenants

Your vacation rental property is a valuable investment and your home away from home. Why take a chance renting your home to a group of strangers? Unlike regional and national websites, the Congdon & Coleman team will speak with each and every person who inquires about renting your property. Your local agent will qualify each prospective tenant to ensure that they are a good match for your property and in the unlikely event of a problem during the lease, your agent is on-island and at your property where and when you need them.

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Email Marketing

Decades of experience brokering vacation rentals has taught us a few things about how best to market to renters. That lengthy history has also allowed us to build a huge database of email addresses from our past guests. Social media and pay-per-click advertising and other strategies play a role in our vacation rental marketing but the most effective method continues to be email marketing.

Exclusive listings enjoy placement in our mass emails which reach tens of thousands of past and current clients!

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Electronic Signature

In today's fast-paced e-commerce environment, consumers demand instant gratification. After we have vetted your prospective renters and you give us the go-ahead to book the rental, our electronic lease creation makes the reservation process quick and easy. Your tenant will be prompted to sign the lease with a legally binding digital signature which will be routed directly to your inbox for your digital signature. Of course, we can accommodate paper and pen signatures when requested or required.

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Electronic Payments

After we vet your tenants and your lease has been signed it's time to get you paid! In addition to offering electronic signatures, we also offer the ability for tenants to pay electronically either by credit card or ACH (Automated Clearing House sometimes called "e-checks"). Electronic payments mean that funds clear in our account quickly and we can remit payment to you sooner.

We can even make payments to you via ACH or direct deposit to your bank account. Ask for the secure sign-up form and be one of the first to experience this new standard in vacation rental payments.

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Third Party Inspections

Your Congdon & Coleman leasing agent will assist before, during and after your lease to prevent problems before they occur and deal with them promptly when they do. Sometimes it is preferable to have another set of eyes on your property before and/or after the lease. We have an exclusive arrangement with Nantucket Property Watch who will inspect your home and provide you with a time-stamped, qualitative and photographic report.

Available for one lease, one season or as part of a year-round property management package, Nantucket Property Watch is your eyes and ears on Nantucket!

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Tax Reporting

At the end of each year, Congdon & Coleman will prepare a Form 1099, as required by law. A copy of the form will be sent to you via email and our staff is available to answer any questions you may have.

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Tenant Communication

From lease creation to pre-arrival communication to support during the guests' stay, we handle everything. Whether it's questions about payments, island recommendations or troubleshooting issues at your property, your Congdon & Coleman agent will be there to answer the call and delight your renter without you having to do a thing!

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Concierge Services

Today's discerning clientele demand a higher level of service. For those guests, we offer a wide range of pre-arrival and mid-stay services and amenities through our partnership with Key, a nationally recognized but locally experienced team of concierge professionals. Delighted guests become repeat guests and we have the network to ensure that your renters are well taken care of throughout their vacation.

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Local Service Providers

We're here where you need us with a wide network of local service providers to assist with any situation that may arise. From cleaners and caretakers to sushi chefs and yoga instructors, whatever you (or your renter) may need, we can help to make it happen. If ever we can be of assistance, please pick up the phone and let us know! 508-325-5000

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Peace of Mind

When you add it all up, what you really get when you work with Congdon & Coleman's experienced team of full-time, local professionals is peace of mind. Get the exposure you need to generate bookings, the local services to make sure everything goes smoothly and the trustworthy team you deserve throughout the entire process.

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We had a very good experience during the entire process. Out Realtor was very helpful in all areas, and we had a wonderful vacation week in Nantucket. We will definitely use them again.

Linda E.