Quidnet, Nantucket MA

About Quidnet

Quidnet is a small neighborhood past Polpis and just south of Squam. Quidnet abuts both Squam Farm, which has an excellent hiking trail, and the beautiful beaches on the eastern shore of Nantucket. Also in Quidnet lies Sesachacha Pond, the island’s largest kettle pond and home to many types of fish and birds. Twice a year, the town opens Sesachacha Pond to the Atlantic Ocean in order to cleanse the pond to maintain healthy natural habitats for the plants and animals residing there.

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Activities in Quidnet

During the summer months, the north side of the pond and its neighboring beach are popular spots for families, as there is calm water on one side and more active water on the other.

Vacation Rentals in Quidnet

Quidnet is a quiet paradise with grand summer homes, only rivaled by the stunning ocean and Sankaty Lighthouse views.