Quaise, Nantucket MA

About Quaise

Shawkemo and Quaise are the next few neighborhoods to the east of Monomoy and Shimmo on Nantucket Harbor. They are also located just off the Polpis Road and are often considered a part of the greater Polpis area. Shawkemo forms Abrams Creek and Abrams Point to the north and offers calm, sandy beach on the harbor, as does neighboring Quaise and Fulling Mill Creek. Quaise ends with Polpis Harbor to the east.

Homes For Sale in Quaise

Activities in Quaise

Some great activities on the water in this area include clam digging, scalloping, kayaking, and standup paddlebarding. The water is calm and great for families to enjoy quiet time. A rainy day in Quaise is well spent at the Shipwreck and Life Saving Museum learning all about the maritime history of Nantucket.

Vacation Rentals in Quaise

Houses in these neighborhoods are much like other waterfront homes, boasting large yards and beautiful harbor views.