Polpis, Nantucket MA

About Polpis

Polpis is one of Nantucket’s most vast areas, as it encompasses miles of land south of the harbor. Most of this land is owned by the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, which creates lush surroundings for the homes there. Oftentimes in Polpis the nearest neighbor is hundreds of yards away.

Homes For Sale in Polpis

Activities in Polpis

Winding its way through this beautiful landscape is the Polpis Bike Path, which starts at the beginning of Polpis Road and runs all the way past Sankaty Head Golf Club and into Sconset. Polpis is also home to the Windswept Cranberry Bog, one of just a few organic bogs on the East Coast. This bog has walking trails and is a great spot to observe wildlife on Stump Pond or in the “hidden forests.” If you’re really into exploring, you’ll even find an old beech tree with initials carved into its bark by visitors past. Also along the way is the Egan Maritime Institute’s Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum, a Nantucket landmark devoted to the preservation and honor of maritime history and lifesaving in the waters surrounding Nantucket. Polpis is also home to a small harbor branching off of the main harbor, and serves as a launch for small boats as well as for Nantucket Community Sailing.

Vacation Rentals in Polpis

Polpis is just a few miles out of town, but a world away when it comes to renting or owning a home. The beautiful landscape of Polpis and the ample opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature make this area a really special part of the island.