Pocomo, Nantucket MA

About Pocomo

Pocomo is the area on the northeast part of Nantucket, just north of Polpis. Pocomo comes to a point that distinguishes two distinct sections of Nantucket Harbor. The Head of the Harbor lies to the north and east of Pocomo Point, while all other parts of the harbor lie to the south and west.

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Activities in Pocomo

In the busy season, all types of watercraft can be seen transiting the harbor. It’s not uncommon to see commercial vessels, fishing boats, yachts, sailboats, kayaks, windsurfers, and paddleboards all passing each other. Every once in a while, even a seaplane pays a visit. But in the waters off Pocomo Point, the most common sight is that of a kiteboarder catching air. Pocomo is a favorite spot for kiteboarders due to its outstanding flat water conditions and easy launch point. The beach on the north side of Pocomo is spacious and perfect for families to gather and let young children play in the water.

Vacation Rentals in Pocomo

Pocomo boasts many grand waterfront homes and is an idyllic island spot to enjoy a summer vacation.