Monomoy, Nantucket MA

About Monomoy

Monomoy and Shimmo are located next to each other on Nantucket Harbor across from the downtown waterfront. Accessible from Milestone and Polpis Roads, this strictly residential area is quiet and relaxing, yet only a short drive into town and mid island conveniences. Near the second bend of Monomoy Road is a beach access point with a small parking lot.

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Activities in Monomoy

The harbor beaches are popular for walking, picnicking, and launching kayaks or paddleboards. A walk to the left will bring you upon a salt marsh and creeks, which is a great place for spotting birds and aquatic wildlife. The most common birds seen in this area are ducks, geese, cormorants, oyster catchers, blue herons, egrets, and of course gulls. A paddle through the winding creeks will also reveal small fish and lots of crabs; just be aware that the ebbing tide could strand your craft! A walk to the right will take you past two piers and up to Pimney’s Point, where another salt marsh ever changes with the tide. In the winter, these waters are popular with scallopers and clam diggers.

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The quiet neighborhoods of Monomoy and Shimmo are perfect for those trying to get away from it all, but not be too far removed from the allures of town. The views from the grand waterfront homes in this area are almost like you seeing downtown Nantucket from the water.