C&C Buyer Representation

Invaluable Advice, No Cost to You

As a buyer, obtaining the counsel and representation of an experienced real estate Broker is always the right decision.

Listing Brokers only work for the seller and their best interests. Don’t believe rumors that you’ll save money by calling the listing Broker directly. No one ever has, and besides, hiring your own agent is completely free for you. While a buyer’s agent works exclusively on your behalf, their fee is paid by the sellers as a standard part of real estate transactions.

It’s tough to get the best terms when have an emotional connection to a property and you’re unfamiliar with the finer points of the local real estate market. You need an advocate who studies the local market and has experience in negotiating Nantucket real estate deals. 

We know this island and its challenges better than anyone. As full-time Brokers, and mostly Nantucket natives, our agents simply have access to information that you don’t, and can see value where other people may overlook it.

That’s the kind of advantage you need on your side of the bargaining table.

The Congdon & Coleman Advantage

When you’re buying a house on-island, it takes serious experience in this unique market and the negotiating, permitting and building processes to make smart, informed decisions. Our in-depth understanding of Nantucket’s real estate quirks will help you to understand and navigate:

  • Strict regulatory reviews (HDC, ConCom, ZBA, Planning Board, etc)
  • Land bank transfer fees
  • Year-round residential homeowner tax exemptions
  • 22 unique local zoning districts with different rules, local zoning bylaws, regulatory boards and approval processes
  • Contracting local tradespersons to identify and mitigate problems before they occur

Working with C&C

Professionalism is in our DNA. From your first contact with a C&C agent through the closing of your purchase and beyond, you can rely on timely service and advice from experienced, full-time real estate professionals.

As you work with your dedicated agent, you will have direct access to the firm’s Principal Broker to:

  • Develop your search criteria
  • Find properties and listings that match
  • Craft your offer and negotiate the deal
  • Perform due diligence
  • Obtain financing
  • Navigate closing process
  • Hire on-island contractors, movers and more 

There’s a lot to buying real estate on Nantucket. You need us on your side. 

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We had a very good experience during the entire process. Out Realtor was very helpful in all areas, and we had a wonderful vacation week in Nantucket. We will definitely use them again.

Linda E.