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Your Doggie’s Dream Vacation on Nantucket

No matter the season, Nantucket is a dream destination for dogs! As the proud mother of 12 year old River, an Australian Shepard, I know how special it is to have the whole family together on vacation, creating memories that last a lifetime.

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River has been exploring the ACK for a decade or so and he has a few favorite spots to share with you. From the endless beaches to the many dog friendly walking paths, your dog will be so glad you brought him or her.

Great news, doggies travel free to the island on both the Hy-Line and Steamship ferries. If you decide to take a ferry your dog will certainly make instant friends, and by extension, maybe you will too! Remember though to keep your pets on a leash and off the seats.

Most often trying to find pet friendly accommodations can be difficult, but not on Nantucket! There are many dog friendly rental properties to choose from all over the island, but River finds it ideal to walk right out the front door to the beach, which is why I especially recommend the neighborhoods of Brant Point and Sconset for dogs and their families.

The Brant Point neighborhood, located near Town, offers pet friendly rentals.

20 Willard Street Nantucket MA6

 20 Willard Street, Brant Point


51 North Beach Street, Brant Point

From these, or other in Town rentals, you can easily walk with your dog to the Brant Point Lighthouse and to Jetties Beach. In the summer you can take your dog to the Sandbar, the restaurant and bar at the beach. This calm beach is great for dogs who may be scared of loud waves. Another plus about walking your dog in this area are the exquisite beachfront estates. There are several small access paths to the beach along Hulbert Avenue that make it easy to go on and off. It's also a safe area to ride bikes with kids since its flat and there is not much car traffic.


River at Brant Point Lighthouse, and wait look who we find at Children's Beach, Easton, aka, The Nantucket Hotel's new mascot! 


The neighborhood of Sconset also offers spectacular beach walking with your dog while being able to see some of the island’s BEST sunrises at the Eastern most point of the island! 


Pet friendly rental, 30 Low Beach Road, Sconset 

30 Low Beach Road Nantucket MA 02554 - 11.HEIC

Pet friendly rental, 11Clifton Street, Sconset 

11 Clifton

In addition to this south shore beach, which can be windy at times, the historic Village of Sconset feels like you are taking a walk back in time with shelled paths around Cod Fish Park.  In season, you can grab a morning danish, coffee, and local paper at the Sconset Market and chat with the locals and other vacationers, while your dog makes even more friends!

River enjoys walking down to the public beach where there are small public access ways along Codfish Park Road to come on and off. A special treat for River is the Sconset Bluff walk which takes him along the grassy backyards of mansions that overlook the ocean. For more of a variety of trails and terrain, check out Nantucket Dog Walk.

After all that walking, a bite to eat may be in order for you and your furry friend. I recommend Cisco Brewery, akin to a dog park where lots of people come with their dogs to socialize. Something Natural is also a great choice for a sandwich and with its outdoor picnic setting, your pet can run around and play while you enjoy a real Nantucket staple. Its located off the Cliff Road, close to Brant Point, so after your walk to the lighthouse, pop over for some lunch. And lets not forget about a sunset and dinner in Madaket at Millies, where you can bring your dog and dine outside under the stars.

The Team at Congdon & Coleman is not only ready to help you find your perfect dog friendly rental but is eager to provide you with information about specific spots that are close to your rental for your dog to enjoy!


Sunrise at Sconset Beach


Happy Dog + Happy Family = Memorable Vacation

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