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8 Nantucket Outdoor Spots to Dine at in 2020

Published by Robin Slick, June 23, 2020

With Phase 2 of the state's reopening plan well on its way, restaurants are now allowed to offer more than just...

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Photographing Nantucket: Spring Blossoms

Published by Robin Slick, April 28, 2020

After a windy and cold winter, here they come, spring flowers to brighten our days! On the ACK, for sure daffodils are...

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Lemon Press LEMON@HOME

Published by Robin Slick, April 26, 2020

Walking into the Lemon Press eatery around lunchtime in mid-April, this Main Street “hot spot” would normally be...

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2 Grey Lady Lane Sold

Congratulations to our Broker Stephen Maury on the sale of 2 Grey Lady Lane. The sale closed at $565,000. Grey Lady Lane is Nantucket's newest cul-de-sac...

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Nantucket Quarterboards: Whitty & Whimsical

By Suzi Spring & Robin Slick, Published February, 26, 2020

Nantucket is known for its quaint cobblestone streets, shingled cottages, as well as its...

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January Overnight on the ACK

By Robin Slick, Published Friday

January Overnight on the ACK

It’s not just off-season, it’s off-off season with Thanksgiving, Stroll and New...

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A Nantucket Inspired Party Celebrating Christmas & Hanukkah Together

By Robin Slick, Published

This month celebrates two meaningful holidays at the same time. Every so often, the holidays fall...

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Nantucket Restaurant Review: The Club Car

The Club Car is a local landmark on Main Street, in the heart of downtown. After all, it’s hard not to notice the historic train car nestled alongside the...

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The Best of the Best: The Top 4 Seafood Restaurants on Nantucket

On an island, you can expect most local restaurants to include at least one or two seafood dishes on their menus. In downtown Nantucket, you can find fish...

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The Best Italian Restaurants on Nantucket

Nantucket is practically synonymous with delectable dining, and the local Italian fare is no exception. There are plenty of options both in and out of town,...

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