Personal Fitness on Nantucket: 3 Alternatives to a Typical Gym

By Robin Slick, Published Saturday

So it’s February, are you still working hard on your New Year’s health and wellness program? If your like me and are finding it difficult to stay motivated, especially this time of year with less outdoor activities to choose from, and the gym feeling a bit boring, maybe it's time to try switching it up with something different? Lucky for us islanders, even in the off-season, Nantucket has some niche options for your fitness regime.

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Lisalates, Pilates Studio Nantucaket

Lisa Silveira, owner of Lisalates has been a student, and then teacher, of The Pilates Method of Exercise since the late 1980’s. What originally drew Lisa to this method of exercise is "its concentration on inner strength, alignment and precision, along with its therapeutic applications." Lisa also teaches the MELT Method, and incorporates both techniques in her classes. MELT workshops are also offered throughout the year.

There are a variety of Pilates classes to choose from: different levels of Mat, Tower, and Reformer. With the Reformers, students can choose to work privately or in small group classes. Other classes include a Men’s Core Strength and Stretch that combines MELT moves, Pilates concepts, bands, balls and various other props. And if you prefer a more personal approach, Lisa offers one-on-one, duet and semi-private classes.

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Lorna Dollery, Boxing & Fitness

Just two summers ago in 2018, Lorna opened her first fitness studio on Nantucket. She provides private and semi-private classes for those who want a little extra personal attention to training. Lorna believes that  personal training is "a great option if you want a more specific goal-oriented training, if you have specific needs due to an injury, you want to progress quickly. or simply want to reintroduce yourself to exercise in a safe and supervised environment.” 

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She offers different styles of training: “Full Body Fitness" - incorporating bodyweight exercises, resistance training, TRX, medicine balls, and battle ropes; “Boxing" - combining bag and mitt work; and “Bachelorette Bootcamp” - a fun activity for the start of a bachelorette party weekend while at the same time relieving some wedding planning stress! 


EZIA Athletic Club, Nantucket’s Premier Personal Training 

Isaiah Truyman, Founder of EZIA, and his team of trainers, provide the ultimate in "personal" fitness! This athletic club offers tailored fitness programs, specific to each of their members' goals and abilities, cutting-edge equipment and highly experienced trainers. 

EZIA also has a Fitness Design Center to help you build your own home gym. Their designers know that a great home gym incorporates the specific fitness interests of the owner, while also being able to excite all other family members to use the gym, no matter their age. Their ultimate goal is to design a personal gym where working out becomes a fun experience, which in turn helps you to achieve your goals, instead of your equipment never being used and collecting dust.

To check out other popular Nantucket fitness options read Congdon and Coleman's blog Get Fit on Nantucket: Top Sports and Fitness Activities on the Island.


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