Our Favorite Spas to Relax, Indulge and Rejuvenate on Nantucket

Each summer, travelers flock to Nantucket for the famous island coastline, world-class dining, and incredible nightlife. When it’s time to unwind from those action-packed days and nights, Nantucket spas are a well known, rejuvenating respite.

From medical-grade treatments to ocean-inspired pampering, these popular spots offer a tranquil side of paradise, where clients can indulge in head to toe luxury.

RJ Miller Salon & Spa

RJ miller salon nantucket

As the oldest and largest full-service salon on the island, RJ Miller has been a Nantucket institution for more than 30 years. From weddings to lavish girl’s days, travelers and locals alike trust their experienced stylists and technicians with a vast array of salon and spa services.

It’s not just their crackling fireplace that draws you in. Their exceptional service, quality products, and medical-grade ingredients speak for themselves. Melt into a deep state of relaxation with one of their island-inspired spa facials, like their gentle seaweed cleansing for those with sensitive skin, helping to reduce inflammation and nourish any skin type. Or, let their water heated-basalt stones warm you while smoothing out tense muscles. From microdermabrasions to professional manicures, get pampered from head to toe.

Why not leave with the perfect faux glow? Fantasy Tan, the official spray of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars,” naturally exfoliates your skin as it fades, and lasts between 7-10 days— so you can shine your entire stay.

Nantucket Holistic Health

nantucket holistic health

The triad of physical, mental and emotional harmony blends together for a unique experience at Nantucket Holistic Health, where visitors tout improved wellness and clarity after only one session. Come in for a natural approach to healing with a range of detoxification treatments and full body compressions.

Nantucket Holistic Health is known for their personalized attention from their therapeutic duo, Paula and Mary, who specialize in reharmonizing and balancing the body. Paula McQuaid’s personal technique, coined Body Balancing, attracts clients from across the country. This unique massage integrates your body layer by layer, helping you to achieve perfect physical “alignment” and relaxation of the mind.

After your body balance or massage, purge yourself of toxins with a detoxification foot bath. Slip your toes into warm salt water charged with an energizing cartridge. The cartridge creates a flow of electrons and a bioenergetic field which penetrates through the 2,000 pores in each foot, stimulating a full body detox.

Combine this relaxing 30-minute treatment with a sauna experience like you’ve never had before. Unlike traditional steam saunas which increase the air temperature and can make breathing difficult, Holistic Health’s far-infrared light increases your skin’s temperature, not your surroundings.

Sisters’ Salon & Spa

Sisters salon and spa nantucket

Loyal customers gravitate to Sister’s Salon & Spa for its emphasis on island-centric beauty. Their array of body treatments, massages and facials are focused on marine and natural remedies— all performed by the trusted hands of the Sisters’ proclaimed “craftsmen.”

Lather in a sea salt and sugar Nantucket scrub or sensual chocolate body wrap. Pair it with their vitamin C facial or retinol lift to reduce wrinkles and repair sun damage for a radiant complexion. Their waxing services are just as extensive, leaving you with a clean bikini line or silky smooth legs for days.

What would a spa day be without a massage? Their Mommy to Be massage is perfect for an expecting traveler, while their Pinda’s exotic flowers and spices relieve tension and restore energy. Try their seashell and feather massage to experience a spiritual ritual designed to “clean your aura” and relieve muscle ache. From a Swedish rhythmic rubdown to a deep tissue massage, these restorative treatments are available in 60 or 90-minute sessions.

Brooke Tejada Restorative Bodywork

Brooke Tejada Nantucket spa

Lift your spirits at Brooke Tejada Restorative Bodywork, located Old South Road center island, and let your body take a rejuvenating journey. Brooke’s drug-free therapeutic treatments might be the soothing touch you need to truly unwind this vacation.

Enjoy a deluxe foot treatment, exfoliating, moisturizing and relaxing your feet after walking all over Nantucket. Slip into a robe for a herbal magnesium foot soak, warm neck wrap, lower leg, and foot scrub and healing balm massage.

Melt tension and restore your inner zen with a restorative massage, alternating techniques from Swedish, orthopedic and myofascial practices. Brooke is also the first certified provider of Amino Neuro Frequency (BioFrequency) Therapy on the island, which is a holistic approach to treating chronic inflammation. Most clients experience significant pain reduction in five-20 minutes, including those who suffer from neck pain, knee pain and frequent headaches.

Make More than a Day Out of It

These Nantucket spas offer diverse services, but the relaxation doesn’t stop there. Massage Nantucket, Sisters’ Salon & Spa, Life Massage and Darya Salon & Spa also await. Discover our favorite Nantucket salons for hours of pampering too.

Plan your next girl’s trip or simply escape with the ladies for a few hours of indulgent relaxation. From harmonious massages to natural, refreshing facials, it’s time treat yourself to a day of resurgence— island style.

Finish your rejuvenating day with a spectacular dinner at one of the island’s best restaurants. Download our Restaurant Guide and book your girl’s night out.

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