Nantucket Restaurant Review: The Pearl

Located in the Nantucket Downtown Historic District, the Pearl’s owners, Seth and Angela Raynor, took an old house and transformed it into an upscale restaurant with a focus on Asian-fusion cuisine. Now, visitors feel as if they were invited to a dinner party thrown by the ultimate host or a VIP guest being served a private meal in a gorgeous eatery.

Here is a quick rundown of what sets The Pearl apart from other restaurants on Nantucket.

Dining Rooms

Main Dining Room

When you first approach the Pearl, you might mistake it for someone’s home, save for the simple sign hanging out front with a perfect pearl embedded into the wood. The Pearl’s main dining room has a sleek, modern look with a few subtle nods to Nantucket in the form of nautical accents.

Huge fish tanks adorned with driftwood and lit from above with a blue light line one wall, while accent walls of brick and glass feature ocean inspired artwork. The bar is illuminated onyx and  weathered sea wood with mirrored front, the perfect blend of nautical and modern.

Private Dining Rooms

Pink Dining Room

This private dining room will give your party a cozy and comfortable vibe. With its vibrant colors, beautiful mantelpiece, and artwork, you might feel like you’re dining in a private residence. (Only the spectacular food will remind you that you’re actually visiting a high-end restaurant.) This room will provide a gorgeous backdrop for your event, regardless of what you’ve planned.

Vintage Dining Room

This room looks as if a captain’s quarters has been planted smack in the middle of the Pearl. When the table is set and the candles are lit, this vintage dining room will take your group on a journey back in time.  

The walls, tables, and chairs are all dark wood, with golden accents everywhere. Their event planners will work to make your private dining evening tailored to your event.

The Chef’s Table

The Chef’s Table is the most sought after table in any upscale restaurant. The Chef’s Table at the Pearl looks out into the Chef’s garden. This private dining room can be tailored to any event you are having. Here you’ll be served a tasting menu, specially prepared for your group by the chef. Your party will be treated to a one-of-a-kind dining event.

For a really large party, the entire restaurant may be rented out as well.

Asian Inspired Cuisine

Asian inspired and locally sourced, the menu created by Chef Jeff Raynor will not disappoint. Large plates include Salt and Pepper Wok Fried Lobsters, served with fresh lo mein and spinach and grilled limed and Asian BBQ.

If you’d prefer, try a variety of dishes, small plates are fun to share and sample. Or, you can order a few different plates to make a meal. The acclaimed Crispy Rice Gnocchi Bolognese served with green curry, chicken sausage and topped with thai tomato sweet and sour is not to be missed.

Whatever you order, save room for dessert. The menu does not stop at the main course. Midnight in Hanoi is five warm churros drizzled with midnight chocolate sauce— and you will not want to share.

The Pearl is right in the middle of all that Nantucket has to offer in its downtown historic district. Dinner can be followed by a show at Dreamland Film and Cultural Center or a walk along the beach.

Nantucket has that old-world charm and fantastic dining that makes for a great vacation. Book your Nantucket vacation rental with us and start planning a vacation you’ll never forget.

If you are looking for more on Nantucket restaurants, please download our complete guide on the island’s restaurants.

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