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If you’re looking for the quintessential nautical restaurant experience on Nantucket, you’ll know you’ve found it the moment you walk into Cru Restaurant. Located on the docks of Nantucket Harbor, Cru’s design and decor will lead you to believe you are on a boat as you enjoy your dining experience.

Voted 2017 Best Bar Nantucket by Best of Boston, let’s take a closer look to see what makes Cru a can’t miss experience on Nantucket.


World Renowned Experience

From the top down, everyone you encounter at Cru has years of training, travel, and experience, all blending together to create a truly unique Oyster Bar experience.

Executive Chef Erin Zircher is inspired by her classical French training, Mediterranean culinary experience, and countless trips to countries including Morocco, Spain, Istanbul, and Turkey. She draws on her background to transform classic New England dishes, rendering them in new and surprising ways. Her prior experience creating seasonal farm to table menus is evident in the menus she creates for Cru.

Managing Partners Jane Stoddard and Carlos Hidalgo each have extensive experience in the restaurant business; they work to ensure that the atmosphere of Cru is as fantastic as the dining experience. Carlos is in charge of the extensive wine and cocktail list as well as events such as the Rose Brunch and Cru Wine festival dinner.

Jane has years of experience in restaurant operations; she is responsible for event planning. Whether it is a business dinner, wedding, birthday, or any other special day, Jane ensures that Cru will make it an event to remember.

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Waterfront View

The design and decor of Cru makes you feel as if you are walking into a restaurant that sprung up organically from the docks of Nantucket Harbor. The exterior windows are trimmed in white and the siding blends perfectly with the decking of the pier on which it sits.

Inside, the ceiling is open, with wooden beams criss-crossed, reminiscent of a pirate ship’s exposed interior wood.

Lest you think Cru is going for a shabby seafaring vessel look, the decor is sleek and stylish even as it stays true to the nautical roots of its location. There are chandeliers made of driftwood with a treasure’s chest worth of jewels tangled up in it; another is made of glass bubbles with ship rope intertwined between them, giving the illusion it is floating on sea bubbles.

The wood paneled walls compliment the lighter driftwood floors. The tables are wood as well, but smooth with sleek modern edges. Even the chairs, with their white canvas seats and backs, remind one of the ocean.

Scattered around the room, you’ll see high wing back chairs in deep ocean blue as well as cream-colored plush barrel-armed chairs. The booths bring to mind the rounded chairs you’d find on a pontoon boat, in the same deep ocean blue color but with bright yellow pillows strapped in as if ready to set sail.

The view of the yachts, sailboats, and all other seafaring vessels is unparalleled on Nantucket. You will be swept away by the current of ambiance at Cru.

Delicious Fare From the Galley

The expertise of the executive chef and managing partners come together to make a menu that will keep you coming back for more. Cru serves brunch, lunch, and dinner. Each of these delectable meals can be paired with a selection from Cru’s extensive wine list as well as their innovative cocktail list.

Take a sneak peak of what’s on the menu at Cru now:


From the simplest tastes to the most extravagant, there is something for everyone on Cru’s brunch menu. No brunch menu in New England would be complete without an everything bagel with salmon.

Cru always serves the freshest oysters, no matter the time of day. Or, if you’re feeling more like a sandwich, try one of Cru’s unparalleled lobster rolls with lemon mayo and herbs on a toasted brioche roll.


Pull your boat right up to the Nantucket Harbor and come ashore for Cru’s lunch menu. Start with crispy calamari or local littleneck clams to share with your crew. If you’re feeling extra fancy or celebrating a special occasion, try the champagne and oysters!

The Mediterranean Veggie Bowl is filled with grains and greens, beet and walnut salad, avocado, and chickpeas, with tahini dressing poured over it. A lunch at Cru will give your crew enough energy to set sail on the ocean again.


Whether you are on a romantic date, out to dinner with friends, or looking for a restaurant to host a large party, Cru is ready to host your dinner. Cru’s dinner menu offers a wide variety of sea and land fare.

In case you haven’t noticed the theme, Cru is renown for their fantastic oyster bar. Before your main course, try the decadent mushroom toast or creamy lobster bisque served with hushpuppies. The main course offerings include sea, land, and vegetarian dishes, so you’re sure to find something for every taste.

Wine and Cocktails

Cru offers an extensive wine list, and the staff is educated in which wine pairs best with everything on the menu. If you are more in the mood for cocktails, there is an imaginative cocktail list with creative names; try the Sun Temple, Purple Rain, or Crucumber. The glassware is on point, too—who wouldn’t want to drink out of a bronze pineapple?

Cru offers the best of every aspect of dining. No vacation would be complete without a visit to this restaurant by the harbor.

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