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Open to all, the Foundation's properties have something for everyone. For instance, if a walk with your dog is on the agenda for the day, one of the most popular spots on island is Tupancy Links, located towards the top of Cliff Road. On route to the edge of the bluff, dogs run and play with each other in open fields. Once arrived at the bluff, you will be treated to an exquisite view of the north side of the island. On a clear day, towards the east, Jetties Beach and the entrance to Nantucket Harbor can be seen. 


These days, in an effort to engage the family to be outside, the Foundation has created a Staycation Scavenger Hunt. This is a free community event that is self-guided and self-paced with the intention of exploring some of the Foundation's properties. 

Another way the Foundation hopes to peak visitors' interest in their properties is to have their employees' share their favorite trails. Kristin, their Development Associate, favors the Masquetuck property. Pictured here with her adorable dog Jet, she explains why this is her go-to spot. “We love this spot because its usually quiet and it feels special to be among the trees one minute, and the harbor the next! It’s a small property that packs in a lot of beauty.” Although small in size, only 13.5 acres, the property contains grassy fields, shrub thickets, hardwood forests, freshwater bogs, and salt marshes. Walking trails meander through the forest, leading to the edge of the marsh overlooking Polpis Harbor. It is perfect for a short walk with children.

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