Get to Know Nantucket's Robert Foster Fine Art Gallery

Next to Black Eyed Susan’s on India Street sits Robert Foster’s locally-renowned gallery.

Three years of recognition for Best Art Gallery from both Cape Cod Life Magazine and Nantucket’s Inquirer & Mirror have made Foster’s studio a popular island stop and mainstay of the local art scene.

Its intimate setting and locally-curated exhibits keep Nantucket’s visual art scene strong, attracting visitors from every corner of the globe to admire and purchase authentic, island-inspired compositions.


When Robert Foster closed the doors of his photography studio in Houston, Texas to move to Nantucket, he had a vision of becoming a part of the island’s art scene to support the local friends and talent he admired.

He took a gallery assistant job at the Artists Association of Nantucket, and the following year, became their Gallery Director. After seven years spent managing two additional galleries, it was time to make a name for himself.

In early 2011, Robert Foster opened his own island studio, giving artists a place to showcase their work. Today, Foster uses 23+ years of experience to manage this diverse studio and help artists transition to the next level of their careers.


Robert Foster Fine Art Nantucket

Foster strives to keep his studio “local with quality, variety and accessibility,” he told N Magazine, by welcoming artists from all across the island with unique styles. He consciously collects pieces from artists with different levels of experience, giving him the ability to offer a variety of price ranges for visitors, all at consistent market values.

Artists featured in Robert Foster Fine Art Gallery have no local commercial gallery representation, and instead, use Foster’s space to promote and move their work. Fresh talent utilizes this gallery to breach the local art scene. For others, this is their livelihood. Many full-time professionals create art from the comfort of their home and unveil their masterpieces at Foster’s studio.

Many of the gallery’s artists have the honor of boasting featured exhibits, such as Elizabeth Congdon’s object or local scene oil paintings. She’s known for her post impressionist plein-air landscapes, floral still life, and is currently working on a 50-series feat, each celebrating a year of her life on its own canvas.

Another artist, John Devaney, is admired for his layers of allusion, paradox and symbolism, using mixed media to paint various cityscapes, beach scenes and beyond. He’s won a number of awards and created the 2400 square foot mural for the University of Connecticut’s Natatorium.

Foster likes to bring on at least one new artist a year, so his featured art and local exposure remains ever-changing. Explore all of the diverse talent featured at 8 India Street in Nantucket.

Robert Foster Fine Art Nantucket

Mediums & Styles

Robert Foster Fine Art Gallery is home to no standard medium or style. Lovers of acrylic, ceramic, collage, ink, mixed media, oil, screenprint, sculpture, watercolor— and many more mediums— can find something behind its doors.

Abstract, architectural, beach or harbor scenes, figurative, cityscape, landscape, object, portrait, still life— the list goes on. Sort by your favorite style on their website.

Nantucket’s Local Art Scene

Interested in viewing art made by the hands of prestigious local talent? Seasonally, the studio hosts Friday night receptions for unique showcases of featured artists. Show your support and stop by, or check their events to find a special showing.

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