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Right in the heart of historic Nantucket sits Dune, a restaurant where sophistication meets casual, island-style comfort. With warm, chic decor and a fine dining menu, Dune is a must-visit Nantucket fixture. Enjoy it on your next date night or downtown stroll.

Fresh, Seasonal Food

Seasonal produce and local seafood are the stars of Dune’s menu, which is an ever-changing blend of island favorites and unique creations. Guests often come to enjoy Nantucket standbys like crab and oysters, then come back to try globally-inspired dishes like Tokyo miso ramen, a well known favorite.

This season, dinner diners will find locally-sourced offerings that include chilled crab, Cape Cod oysters on the half shell, and sauteed East Coast halibut. For tastes beyond Nantucket, try pan-seared Idaho brook trout, Australian lamb chops, house ricotta gnocchi, or the chef’s selection of fine vegan delights.

Dune is known for its incredible beet salads. That’s right, the humble beet is elevated to a new level by roasting red and gold varieties, adding warm whipped goat cheese, and serving it with a fresh beet and balsamic vinaigrette topped with pistachios. Dune’s beet creations are so popular, they’re one of the restaurant’s top 3 ranked dishes on TripAdvisor, with people around the world gushing about their unexpected love for beets.



Check Out the Lunch Menu

From May 15 to October 1, Dune also serves lunch. The lunch menu is deliciously different from the dinner menu, with dishes focused on a lighter, fresher taste that’s perfect for sunny Nantucket days. Lunch includes chilled Nantucket Grey Lady oysters, Maine mussels frites, grilled organic Scottish salmon, local broccoli and mushroom risotto, crispy halibut fish tacos, and a warm buttered Chatham lobster roll.  

The lunch menu’s crispy East Coast calamari shows why Dune is such an iconic restaurant on Nantucket: The dish blends a locally-sourced ingredient with global tastes. Local calamari is balanced by green papaya salad, peanuts, a bright Thai dressing, and fresh basil aioli.


Wine, Spirits, and Dessert

Every dish at Dune can be paired with its perfect wine. The wine list is an absolute standout on Nantucket, with dozens of selections offered specifically because they match Dune’s menu. The serving staff is thoroughly familiar with wine recommendations from the lightest sparkling white to the deepest reds.

Don’t leave Dune without getting dessert, because it’s not your average restaurant treat. Dune’s desserts are layered with complex flavors. The warm chocolate fudge brownie is a rich mix of dulce chocolate ganache, crisp peanut brittle, and salted caramel sauce, served with a toasted marshmallow ice cream that echoes the flavors of a seaside camp fire. Or try the cinnamon doughnut holes, which include a mind-blowing mix of sweet potato, maple mousseline, and candied pecans.


Even if dessert isn’t your thing, top off your meal with one of Dune’s many - and totally original - dessert cocktails. The “Ack” Corretto is a zingy island mix of pisco brandy, ginger liquor, sweetness, and tonic. Or you can wrap up your meal with a hint of caffeine and mint: The Spank It includes Branca menta, coffee, cream, and sprigs of fresh mint.

Summer will be here before you know it and one of the sure signs of warmer weather is the opening of Dune’s outdoor seating. Settle in with a signature cocktail on Dune’s beautiful patio bar and enjoy a scenic Nantucket sunset with friends and loved ones.

The History of Dune

Dune was founded in 2009 by chef and restaurateur Michael Getter, who continues a hands-on role in day-to-day service. On Nantucket, he’s also known for founding the nearby American Seasons, widely acknowledged as one of the island’s best restaurants.

Dune Dining Room

Getter became executive chef of another Nantucket icon, 21 Federal, at the young age of 24. After a fast rise to the top of the local restaurant scene, he’s made it his mission to bring the world’s finest food and wine to Nantucket. Getter is an accomplished sommelier who won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence.

Under the direction of Getter, Dune’s extraordinary dishes have been featured in Bon Appetit, Gourmet, the New York Times and the Boston Globe. The restaurant also has an extremely high TripAdvisor rating and ranks #6 out of 145 local restaurants. Diners frequently give top marks to Dune’s swordfish and soft shell crab.

Dune is open Tuesday through Saturday at 20 Broad Street in downtown Nantucket. Dinner is served from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. and online reservations are recommended, but not required. Dune also welcomes reservations by larger groups of guests for custom-menu ordering in three private dining rooms.

During your next downtown visit, stop at Dune. You’ll immediately understand why its reputation extends so far beyond Nantucket: the restaurant consistently crafts fresh island food with world-class finesse.

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