Don't Worry, Be Hoppy: The Ultimate Flight to Order at Cisco Brewers

Cisco Brewers is one of those places where everyone can feel like a local. With frequent live music, tours of the brewery, and a majorly laid-back atmosphere, it’s no wonder this is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Ride your bike to Cisco Brewers, or take advantage of their free daily shuttles, which run the few miles from town and back regularly, especially if you’re planning to enjoy the many brews Cisco produces, or if you are hoping for a sample from their distillery or winery.

We’ve compiled our ideal tasting flight at Cisco Brewers; some of the most interesting and most popular brews that we think deserve a try. Here are a few of our favorites, so you can plan your next flight:

The Grey Lady

Grey Lady is Cisco’s take on a Belgian Witbier, and it’s named for the Nantucket’s foggy reputation. As one of Cisco’s most popular brews, the Grey Lady is hazy and with a light straw color and a 4% abv. This beer is brewed with citrus peels and coriander, giving it a complex flavor and fragrant aroma.

Grey Lady Beer

One of the reasons this beer is so popular is the style. Witbiers are known for quenching thirst in the hot summer sun, making this a perfect drink for a summer vacation spot as popular as Nantucket. Light and refreshing with a lemony finish, these beers still pack a punch. If you enjoy a tart wheat beer with a bit of a zing to it, you’ll keep coming back to this lady time and time again.

Indie Pale Ale

This pour is very reddish in color, which tells you right off the bat, this isn’t your typical pale ale. One of the classic beers that Cisco brews year-round, just like The Grey Lady, Indie Pale Ale’s caramel malt is just as important as its hoppy punch and 6% abv. In addition to notes of tangerine, grapefruit, and oranges, you’ll get just as many earthy, herbal senses as well.

This malt is crisp and the bitter flavor comes from a full hops taste. It’s a surprising taste from an ale, and one we think you absolutely have to try.

Whale’s Tale Pale Ale

Yes, this is another pale ale, but this one is an English pale ale, and the difference is astonishing, which is why both deserve a spot in your flight. English and American-style pale ales have many differences, but we’ll just note that English pale ales are more refined, leaning into the earthy notes much more than a traditional American pale ale.

Whales Tale Pale Ale Nantucket

From the first pour, the differences between these beers are clear. At 5.6% abv, English pale ale is coppery in color and has sweet malt, grassy, and citric aromas. The malt taste immediately comes to the forefront, and you’ll enjoy notes of caramel and a very fruity finish. Be sure to compare it to the Indie Pale Ale: it’s an educational, fascinating experience!

Summer of Lager

Summer of Lager is a light beer that is released just as the weather warms, which is also when Nantucket begins to hit its stride. If you’re visiting during the summer months, then we think Summer of Lager deserves a try.

This is a Bavarian-style lager, with a 5% abv and a strong hops taste, has notes of grapefruit and even apple. With just a little bit of a tart finish, a light body, and medium carbonation, you’ll find Summer of Lager to be refreshing and assertive.

Pedaler Blueberry Bleer

If you can track down a bottle of Pedaler Blueberry Bleer, one of Cisco’s reserve brews, we think it’s worth a taste. Pouring a bluish, red color, with a 5% abv and a head that has just a tint of blue to it, you won’t soon forget that this is a fruit beer. You’ll notice the blueberry aroma, with a hint of rye in the background, and we think you’ll enjoy the lemon tart taste and the big blueberry flavor.

This beer is thicker than you might think. If you were to pair it with a meal, it would go nicely with some freshly caught and fried fish and chips, thanks to the citrus and lemon flavors.

Pechish Woods

Pechish Woods is another beer made with fruit: peaches this time, but don’t get confused. This brew, part of Cisco’s “The Woods” series is surprisingly sour. Before you taste this beer, it’s important to understand how it’s brewed— as a fruited sour. Peaches are added to a sour beer before it is aged in an oak barrel, which provides a host of interesting flavors.

Cisco Brewers Nantucket

The fruity aromas of this 4.88% abv beer smell of peach jam and preserves. It’s quite comforting, and smells a bit like white wine. From its scent you can even sense the apple and pear skins used to create it. The sour taste of this beer is clean, but not abrasive. Give yourself time to adjust to this beer’s acidity and you will really notice the peach notes start to come through. Again, it’s an ideal summer beer to be enjoyed during your visit to Nantucket.

Come to Cisco for a visit and try and beer or two (or six, as we’ve recommended here), and see why Cisco Brewers embodies the relaxed, vibrant, fun Nantucket vibe. Looking for more recommendations, or want to capture that Nantucket vibe for yourself? Perhaps it’s time to make Nantucket your home, or at least your summer home! Contact us today and to see how Congdon & Coleman can find you the perfect home and truly make you an islander.

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