Love Lobster? Here are the Best Places for a Lobster Roll on Nantucket

Lobster roll: It’s the Nantucket classic sought by tourists and treasured by locals. Everyone loves to enjoy it their own way, whether it’s straight from a fish market on the wharf or lounging on the patio at an exclusive resort.

With that in mind, here’s a big list of the best lobster rolls on Nantucket. It includes lots of island classics, plus fresh twists on the original. Try them all and let us know what you think about the best lobster roll on Nantucket. There's nothing like Nantucket seafood!



20 Straight Wharf

It’s known for BBQ, but serves a memorable lobster roll on a warm bun with homemade sides like cornbread and mac and cheese.


Breeze Restaurant

77 Easton Street

The lobster roll is a refreshing year-round favorite at the Breeze, which has a light and airy atmosphere for lunch on Nantucket.

Brotherhood of Thieves

23 Broad Street

With a cozy pub feel, Brotherhood of Thieves is a great spot for a weekend night out. Their version of the lobster roll is a hearty and filling lobster BLT.



1 Straight Wharf

At Cru, order a cocktail and lobster roll as you sit right on the waterfront - a true Nantucket experience. The Cru lobster roll comes on a brioche bun with a tangy lemon mayo.



20 Broad Street

For a fresh and upscale take on the Nantucket classic, order the lobster roll at Dune. It comes on a warm buttered and toasted brioche bun, with greens and garlic fries.

Easy Street Cantina

2 Broad Street

Get a satisfying lobster roll served on a cheerful checkered platter, which matches the funky and upbeat vibe of Easy Street Cantina.



5 Salem Street

Fresh specializes in hearty lobster rolls that are the perfect fuel for a day of boating or fishing. They also offer custom-stacked lobster and seafood sandwiches.


Galley Beach

54 Jefferson Avenue

If your vision of Nantucket is crunching into a lobster roll as the sun sets, this is the place to be. It’s known for its gorgeous sunset view and serves a solid lobster roll.


Lola Burger

1 Sparks Avenue

They’re famous for massive burgers, but they also make a tasty lobster roll that pairs perfectly with Lola’s spicy secret sauce fries.



326 Madaket Road

At Millie’s, locals know the lobster roll as the Muskeget Po’ Boy. It comes with chunks of lobster that are some of the biggest on Nantucket, for a messy and mind-blowing experience.


Nantucket Lobster Trap

23 Washington Street

With lobster right in its name, you wouldn’t expect anything less than a great lobster roll from Nantucket Lobster Trap - and it delivers, with crunchiness from celery and a crispy bun.



6 Oak Street

Inside this quaint restaurant, which is relaxed and even a bit romantic, you can enjoy a seriously-stuffed lobster roll served with truffle fries.

 Nantucket Restaurants

Rose & Crown Pub

23 South Water Street

For a place to enjoy lobster rolls with friends, try the Rose & Crown. This pub offers a classic lobster roll that tastes great with one of many hearty brews on tap.


Sayle’s Seafood

99 Washington Street

Eat on the porch or get your lobster roll carry-out from this authentic Nantucket seafood market, a favorite among locals.


The Sea Grille

45 Sparks Avenue

This seafood grill serves your lobster roll atop a bed of fresh greens, with careful attention to detail.


Slip 14

14 Old South Wharf

Order your Nantucket lobster roll in a breezy outdoor seating area, right at the end of South Wharf. It comes with just a touch of mayo and plenty of lobster meat.

Straight Wharf Fish Store

4 Harbor Square

This shop is known for a thick, meaty lobster roll that feels like the true Nantucket classic. But don’t expect fine dining - it’s a busy fish shop.


The Charlie Noble

15 South Water Street

Known for the Surf and Turf, a lobster-topped burger that was featured on TV, The Charlie Noble also makes a great traditional lobster roll.


The Tavern

4 Harbor Square

With a great view and ample outdoor seating, this is the perfect spot for a lobster roll if you want to enjoy it out on the patio in the heart of Nantucket.



120 Wauwinet Road

Topper’s is a fine dining restaurant with an upscale atmosphere. But they sell a down-to-earth lobster roll that’s prepared almost like a Sloppy Joe, bursting with lobster.


Walter’s Deli

10 Broad Street

On the way to the boat, stop for a seaside lobster roll. Walter’s Deli sells a hearty version that’s easy on the mayo and heavy on the lobster.


White Elephant

50 Easton Street

Located inside a Nantucket resort, White Elephant offers a zingy twist on the Nantucket lobster roll. It comes on crunchy Italian bread and has bright notes of dill and cilantro.

Is your mouth begging for a lobster roll now? Ours is! We invite you to download our Complete Guide to Nantucket Restaurants. It’s absolutely free and will give you a detailed list of all the best Nantucket restaurants. See you on the island!

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