5 Nantucket Spots to PUT-IN & Paddle

Published by Robin Slick, June 25, 2020

Nantucket is the place to visit if you enjoy the outdoors, especially when it comes to being on the water. One way to experience the beautiful harbors and beaches that surround our island is to explore in a kayak. Kayaking the waters of Nantucket offers many choices for both seasoned and beginner kayakers. Pond fishing is a calmer ride, while surf kayaking requires a bit of experience navigating the ocean tides and stronger waves. These unique spots to put-in and paddle offer good fishing and beaches nearby - a perfect way to spend a whole day on or by the water.

1. Monomoy BeachIMG_7782-1


Monomoy Beach is a small beach, somewhat hidden off the beaten path, with a small parking lot. Located just east of Nantucket Harbor, it's ideal for a beginner paddler since the water is calm. Also, the sand beds go out quite far which makes it a safe spot for kids to swim. Paddling in this area, you get up close to beautiful boats on their moorings and a little further away, mega yachts in the harbor. A fun place to paddle to from here is Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge. This paddle will take about 45 minutes.

2. Brant PointIMG_7594-1


In addition to being home of the iconic Brant Point Lighthouse, where you can walk to from Town to see boats passing in and out of Nantucket Harbor, most people are unaware that there are several small paths connecting Hulbert Ave to the beach. There are at least three locations where are you can put your kayak in for a paddle. Just east of Jetties Beach, and as with the other northern area beaches, the water is calm and is also a good spot for kids to swim and to spend the day at the beach. On the kayak, heading east towards the harbor you will see spectacular yachts and view some of the most opulent coastal cottages (mansions) on island. Heading west towards Galley Beach is another option that is especially lovely for a sunset paddle. 

3. Madaket HarborIMG_5039-2


Madaket Harbor is a small-boater’s dream, whether you like to kayak, paddle board or windsurf. Heading towards Madaket Beach, take Ames Ave to Massachusetts Ave where you will find this very private put-in spot. Again, protected and good for the beginner paddler. Afterwards, head over to Madaket Beach to enjoy the stronger surf on the southern part of the island. If your looking for a bite to eat, a must is Millie's. Enjoy their signature cocktail, the Madaket Mystery along with some of the best Tex-Mex inspired Coastal Cuisine.

4. Miacomet Pond


Miacomet Pond is located on the south side of the island and it is long! Even on a cloudy day the pond offers a spectacular paddle through many marshes. The pond backs up to the ocean, so for those who prefer the ocean, both options are accessible. Parking is available but get there on the early side, as Miacomet Beach is a popular spot. Pack some refreshments and spend the day!

5. Sesachacha Pond/Quidnet BeachIMG_8274


Sesachacha Pond is located on the northeast part of Nantucket. To get there take the Polpis Road to Quidnet Road where you will find a small parking lot. This pond is separated from the ocean by a narrow spit of sand which gives you the opportunity to enjoy Quidnet Beach, just a short walk over the dunes. The pond is ideal for kayaking, fishing, and other small boat activities including swimming of course!

Looking to Rent a Kayak


Check out Sea Nantucket Paddle Sports Rentals and Tours located just east of Nantucket Harbor on Washington St. They rent one person and two person Kayaks at the harbor or they will deliver to a pond or beach of your choosing.

For more experiences on the water, read our BLOG about "On the water Activities for Boat Lovers." If you have additional questions, or need help planning your holiday on Nantucket, please contact our TEAM who are here to assist you in any way possible. Enjoy!

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